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Text analytics and text widgets

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Text analytics and text widgets

Text analytics reveal any patterns that exist in user-entered text fields.

Text analytics provides visual tools for analyzing the text that users enter in forms. The possible benefits of such analyses include early warning of customer pain points, disclosure of fraudulent activity, and the extraction of certain entities or concepts that are clustering in sales, incident reports, etc. The useful information in this unstructured, qualitative data may be hidden from other tools.

Note: Text analytics is available only with licensed Performance Analytics.

Text analysis begins with indexing the text. Text indexing is defined on indicator sources, to allow for the reuse of a single index configuration by many indicators.

When you set up text analytics, you decide on:
  • Which fields in an indicator source to index.
  • Which indicators to apply a text index configuration to.
  • Which stop words to exclude from analysis.
  • Keywords for default drilldowns.

When you have set up text analytics, create a widget to visualize the text and include the widget in a dashboard.

The following video walks you through the process of setting up and viewing text analytics: