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Analytics Diagnostics

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Analytics Diagnostics

Identify and diagnose configuration issues using predefined scripts that examine the database for invalid records and provide suggestions to resolve issues.

Each diagnostic consists of a script or database query with a severity code, message text, and suggested solution. Diagnostics are read-only. You cannot create or edit diagnostics.

Run a diagnostic

Run a diagnostic to determine if a configuration issue could impact your Performance Analytics implementation.

Before you begin

Role required:sn_pa_diagnostics.pa_diagnostic


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Diagnostics.
  2. Select the diagnostic you want to run.
    To run all active diagnostics, click Execute All from the list.
  3. Click Execute Diagnostic.
    The diagnostics script is cancelled automatically if it takes longer than 2 minutes to run.
  4. After the diagnostic completes, click View Result.

What to do next

If a diagnostic returns a warning or error, review the provided solution and take steps to resolve the issue.