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Performance Analytics admin console

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Performance Analytics admin console

From a single console, explore and manage out-of-the-box content and Performance Analytics widgets and dashboards; diagnose and resolve configuration errors; view usage analytics; modify advanced configuration settings and access ServiceNow help.

Users with the admin or pa_admin roles can navigate to Performance Analytics > Admin Console.

Performance analytics administration console layout
Number 1 in a red circle to refer to the Get Started tileGet Started
Guided Setup for the Out-of-the-box Performance Analytics Solutions.

Click % Complete to launch guided setup for Out-of-the-box Performance Analytics Solutions.

Click Out-of-the-box Solutions to show a list of available system plugins for inactive Out-of-the-box Performance Analytics Solutions.
Note: You must have the admin role to see the list of plugins.
Number 2 in a red circle to refer to the Explore and Manage tileExplore and Manage

A single place where you can quickly identify and manage the relationships between your Performance Analytics elements and gauge the impact of change. For example, you can identify all the reports, indicators, and interactive filters in a dashboard group that are affected if you change a field name. On the Explore and Manage page, click Create to create dashboards, dashboard groups, widgets, reports, interactive filters, indicators and indicator sources, breakdowns and breakdown sources, and data collection jobs.

For more information, see Explore and manage dashboards.

Number 3 in a red circle to refer to the Troubleshoot tileTroubleshoot
The Troubleshoot panel enables you to utilize diagnostics delivered by the ServiceNow application to investigate tests that result in an Error warning and failed data collection jobs. Out-of-the-box diagnostics run on a schedule, but can also be executed on demand. The Scheduled Data Collection list filters out jobs that are run only once and jobs that are run only on demand.
Note: If either of the numbers on the Troubleshoot card are greater than 0, there may be something wrong with your Performance Analytics implementation.
  • Click Diagnostic Errors to view the Diagnostic Executions list, a summary of how many diagnostic tests were run, and how many issues were found. Use the State field to track which issues have been resolved. For more information on diagnostic executions, see Analytics Diagnostics.
  • Click Failed Jobs to view the Scheduled Data Collection list. A failed job is a scheduled job for which the latest complete run is in the state collected_error. For more information on data collection, see Performance Analytics data collection and cleanup.
Number 4 in a red circle to refer to the Usage tileUsage
Dashboards with statistics about data collection jobs and report usage. Use the Data Collection Overview dashboard to track and manage data collection. For more information, see Performance Analytics data collection and cleanup. Use the Reports Usage dashboard to track and manage report usage. For more information, see Report statistics.
Number 5 in a red circle to refer to the Advanced Configuration tileAdvanced Configuration
Quick links to advanced configuration settings.
Number 6 in a red circle to refer to the Get Help tileGet Help
The community, product documentation, and ServiceNow YouTube channel provide additional insights into Performance Analytics functionality.