Interacting with breakdown widgets on dashboards

Performance Analytics users can interact with individual breakdown widgets on dashboards to change the visualization or breakdown.

Widgets with the Type of Breakdown enable users with the pa_viewer role to select the visualization when viewing the widget on a dashboard. Users can select any visualization for the widget type from the Visualization choice list when viewing the widget on a dashboard.
Note: You cannot select the Pivot Scorecard visualization from a dashboard. You must configure the widget record to use this visualization.

Breakdown widgets also enable users to select the breakdown if multiple breakdowns are available. All available breakdowns for the widget Indicator appear in the Breakdown choice list when viewing the widget on a dashboard. If the indicator has only 1 associated breakdown, the Breakdown choice list does not appear on the widget.

Usually, the interactive breakdown applies as the 1st-level breakdown. However, if Follow element is selected on the Widget form, the interactive breakdown applies as the 2nd-level breakdown. Any breakdown that is set on a dashboard that contains the widget applies as the 1st level breakdown.

Note: If the user selects the same breakdown on the widget and on the dashboard, the dashboard breakdown is ignored. However, when the user selects any other combination of widget and dashboard breakdowns, both breakdowns apply.

You can disable this functionality for a specific widget by clearing the Show visualization selector or Show breakdown selector check boxes on the Widgets form.

The visualization or breakdown selected in the widget record is used as the default.