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Add an interactive filter widget to a homepage

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Add an interactive filter widget to a homepage

You can use an interactive filter by adding the filter widget to a homepage.

Before you begin

Role required: itil. You must have edit access to the homepage you want to add the filter to.

About this task

Add an interactive filter to a homepage to filter reports on that homepage.

Note: Interactive filters on homepages do not retain default values or retain values across logins or page refreshes. This functionality is available on dashboards. For more information, see Create a dashboard version of a homepage.


  1. Navigate to a homepage.
  2. Click the add content icon (Add content icon).
  3. In the Add content menu, select Interactive filters from the left column.
  4. Select the type of filter to add, such as Choice list or Reference.
  5. Select the filter you want to add to the homepage.
  6. Click Add here in the section you want the filter to appear.