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Dashboards overview

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Dashboards overview

The Dashboards Overview shows cards that represent the dashboards that you have access to and a dashboard picker which allows you to choose a dashboard from a list. Click a card to open the dashboard.

Navigate to Self-Service > Dashboards.

Watch this two-minute video to learn more about using the Dashboards Overview.

The overview is divided into the following tabs:
  • Recent shows up to nine dashboards that you have visited recently. The most recent are shown first.
  • Owned by me shows the dashboards that you have created and those dashboards to which you have been assigned ownership.
  • Shared with me shows the dashboards which have been shared with you as a user, or member of a group or role.
  • All shows all the dashboards that you have access to.
All tabs except for Recent are sorted alphabetically by dashboard group and then by dashboard name. Dashboards without groups (Other) are shown first.

Cards on the overview show thumbnails of the widgets on the dashboard, the Dashboard Group, your role on the dashboard, the name of the dashboard, and the owner of the dashboard.

Use the Dashboard Group picker to show only those dashboards in a single group. Dashboard Group Picker with CMDB Dashboard selected

Use the search box to search for dashboards by name or group.Dashboard overview with All Groups selected from the Group Picker and Incident typed into the search box

Click New to create a responsive dashboard.