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Activate SLA commitments

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Activate SLA commitments

Before activating this plugin, consider the installed components, dependencies, and impact.

About this task

  • Installed Components: modules, a homepage, fields, tables, business rules, script includes, and a scheduled job.
  • Dependencies (installed automatically with the plugin): Service Portfolio Management Plugin, Service Level Agreements (SLA) Plugin (active by default in the current version).
  • Impact:
    • The plugin modifies the Process SLAs business rule to process Service Offering SLAs. Customers who have modified this business rule must contact customer support prior to installation or the plugin does not work and SLA results are not evaluated.
    • A new type of service commitment (SLA) is added to Service Portfolio Management.


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.
  2. Find and click the plugin name.
  3. On the System Plugin form, review the plugin details and then click the Activate/Upgrade related link.

    If the plugin depends on other plugins, these plugins are listed along with their activation status.

    If the plugin has optional features that depend on other plugins, those plugins are listed under Some files will not be loaded because these plugins are inactive. The optional features are not installed until the listed plugins are installed (before or after the installation of the current plugin).

  4. (Optional) If available, select the Load demo data check box.

    Some plugins include demo data—Sample records that are designed to illustrate plugin features for common use cases. Loading demo data is a good practice when you first activate the plugin on a development or test instance.

    You can also load demo data after the plugin is activated by clicking the Load Demo Data Only related link on the System Plugin form.

  5. Click Activate.