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View SLA timeline

View SLA timeline

You can view an SLA timeline from a Task SLA record or from an SLA definition.

About this task

Role: itil, sla_admin, sla_manager

To view the SLA timeline:


You can open an SLA definition from the following:
SLA definition Navigate to Service Level Management > SLA > SLA Definitions. Click on the name of the SLA definition and then click the Validate SLA Timeline link.
Task SLA record Open a task SLA record from the task form. Click the Validate SLA Timeline link to view the SLA timeline for that specific SLA.
Task form
  • Click the Validate SLA Timeline link that appears under related links in the task form. The SLA Timeline appears with the list of all the SLAs that are associated with the task.
  • Right-click on a Task SLA in the related list on a task form such an incident record and select the Validate SLA Timeline option. The SLA Timeline appears for the specific SLA.
The SLA timeline for the selected task or incident is displayed. It includes SLA report details and visual representation of the progress of the task SLA over the lifetime of the task.