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Repair SLA from a form

Repair SLA from a form

You can repair task SLA records from the Task form, or from the task SLA form for an SLA associated to a Task.

About this task

You can also repair multiple task SLA records from a list.


  1. To repair all SLAs associated to a specific task, open that form and select the Repair SLAs related link.
    Figure 1. Repair SLAs
  2. Alternatively, to repair a specific SLA on a specific Incident record, open the Incident record, open the SLA record associated with that incident, then select the Repair button on that SLA form.
    The SLAs selected are repaired. When the repair process is completed, the user selecting to repair receives a standard notification of the repair results.
    Note: Closing the progress dialog box does not stop the repair process. You can go to Active repairs or My repairs and click Show progress to view the progress dialog again.

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