Script includes installed with SLA timeline

When SLA timeline is activated, script includes are installed.

SLA timeline adds the following script includes.
Script include Description
SLATimeline This script include generates the timeline data for a task SLA record by replaying the task’s history and using the SLATimelineAPI to determine the appropriate stage transitions and timings for the task SLA.
SLATimelineAPI This script include provides a number of functions that simulate how the SLA engine processes a particular task and SLA definition without actually creating any task SLA records.
SLATimeLineV2SNC This script include is used by SLA Timeline internal REST API to inspect audit history of a Task and extract task SLA details to be presented on the UI.
ReadOnlyTaskSLAContoller This script include is a helper script include and is for internal use. This script include is called by SLATimeLineV2SNC to process the task SLA stage details.