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Schedules within SLA

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Schedules within SLA

Schedules within SLA enable you to define the time periods during which the SLAs accumulate business time.

Schedules are typically based on the working hours of the resource or departments to whom a task is allocated. When you define an SLA, you can select a schedule during which the SLA will accumulate business time. You can specify the schedule that each SLA must use in the SLA definition form.

Schedules in SLA definitions

You can specify the schedule to be used when creating new task SLAs in the Schedule source field. You can specify one of the following options:
  • No schedule: If the No Schedule option is selected, the SLA will calculate based on a 24 x 7 schedule.
  • SLA definition: If the SLA definition option is selected, the Schedule drop-down list appears.
    • Schedule: Specify the hours during which the SLA timer runs. These set of schedules are defined in the core configuration. For example, you can select a schedule of 8-5 weekdays or 8-5 weekdays excluding holidays.
  • Task table field: This option picks its title from the option selected in the Table field earlier on the SLA Definition form. For example, if Incident is selected in the Table field, then this option appears as Incident field. If the Task table fieldoption is selected, the Schedule source field drop-down list appears.
    • Schedule source field: Select the appropriate field from the task such as an incident or problem that will provide the schedule. For example, Configuration item > Schedule.