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Pass variables between tasks

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Pass variables between tasks

Pass variables from one step of the fulfillment process to another.

About this task

Variables can be processed by any workflow or execution plan that is associated with the requested items.
Note: To pass a variable between tasks, select the Global check box when you create a Service Catalog variable.

For example, consider the following tasks within the fulfillment process for a New PC catalog item.


  1. Procure a PC.
  2. Install corporate standard software.
  3. Set up email account.
  4. Deliver and set up PC for requester.
    Step 4 may require a piece of information from step 3 (the email account credentials for setting up email on the PC). If steps 3 and 4 are executed by different fulfillment groups, you can use variables to make this information visible in the tasks for steps 3 and 4. You can then pass the information between groups so that the second group can access the email account credentials.