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Customize the multi-catalog homepage

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Customize the multi-catalog homepage

Customize the multi-catalog homepage to provide end users with access to multiple catalogs from one homepage.

About this task

This task is similar to customizing the homepage for an individual catalog.


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalogs.
  2. Select Add Catalogs at the top of the page to add catalogs to this page.
  3. Select a catalog in the middle panel of the pop-up window.
    Figure 1. Multi-catalog home page arrangement
    Note: Only administrators can see catalogs that do not contain active categories or items.
  4. [Optional] Select a renderer from the right-hand panel, for example Title Only.
  5. Click Add here in the location where the catalog appears on the homepage.
  6. [Optional] Repeat steps 3–5 to add more catalogs.
  7. Close the pop-up window to save the changes.
    Figure 2. Multi-catalog home page
    You can modify the arrangement of catalogs within the homepage:
    • To change a catalog location, drag it to the appropriate place.
    • To remove a catalog, click the X in the catalog title bar.
    • To edit details for a catalog, click the pencil icon in the catalog title bar.
    The catalogs appear on the homepage.