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Access Service Catalog categories in Service Portal

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Access Service Catalog categories in Service Portal

Access Service Catalog categories to access the catalog items within.

Before you begin

Role required: requester


  1. Navigate to Service Portal > Service Portal Home.
    The Service Portal homepage is displayed.
  2. Click any of the following:
    • The Order Something link from the Service Portal landing page.
    • The Service Catalog option from the main menu header of Service Portal.
    • The Service Catalog text (if available) on any breadcrumb link that is displayed on the Service Catalog pages in Service Portal.
  3. Click the Browse by Categories option.
    The popular items from all categories are displayed.
  4. In the Categories pane, click the required category.
    The category details and the items within are displayed.
    • You can click the category count or anywhere in the row to view the category details.
    • For a category with a long name, additional text is displayed as ellipses. Point to the category name to view the additional text.
  5. To change the display of category items, click the Card View icon (card view icon) or the Grid View icon (grid view icon).
    Note: When you access a catalog item from the Service Catalog landing page or type ahead search results, the breadcrumb of the item displays the path based on the primary category configured on that item. When you access the item from a specific category, the breadcrumb of the item displays the path based on that category.