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Hiding prices in the service catalog

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Hiding prices in the service catalog

Administrators can configure options to hide catalog item prices in the service catalog for listings of specific items, for specific types of items, or for all items.

Item prices can appear in the following locations:
  • A catalog item listing in the Order This Item panel.
  • Catalog item listings in categories and subcategories.
  • The Shopping Cart panel.
  • The Edit Cart, Order Confirmation, and Order Status pages.

Hide prices globally

Service catalog enables you to configure service catalog properties to hide prices.

To view and edit service catalog properties, navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Policy > Properties.

Hiding Prices by Item Types

By default, prices do not appear for order guides, record producers, and wizard launchers.

You can change which catalog item types show prices using the List of class names for catalog items that do not show the price in listings property ( Provide a comma-separated list of table names for item types that you want to hide prices for.

For example, to hide prices for standard catalog items, add sc_cat_item to the list.

You can also remove an existing entry to display prices for that item type. For example, to display prices for order guides, remove the order guide entry sc_cat_item_guide from the list.

Hiding Prices for All Items

By default, zero-priced items have prices hidden in listings and carts.

You can configure this behavior to always hide or show prices, using the When to show prices and sub-totals on the Service Catalog Cart property (

Set this property to Always show prices to display prices for all items on all service catalog screens, or to Never show prices to hide prices for all items on all service catalog screens.

Hide prices for specific items

You can hide prices for specific items to match your organizational requirements.

About this task

To hide prices of specific items:


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definition > Maintain Items.
  2. Open the relevant item definition.
  3. Select the Omit Price on Cart check box.

    The price does not appear in the catalog listing or when the item is added to the cart. The price is listed as "-" on the edit cart, order confirmation, and order status screens.