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Create categories

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Create categories

You can create new categories in addition to the default ones.

About this task

To create new categories:


  1. Navigate to Business Services > Administration > Categories.
  2. Select New.
  3. Complete the form using the following table.
    Name* Name of the new Category.
    Treemap* Designate the treemap on which the category appeara. Unless you have created additional treemaps, this is typically Service 360.
    Order The order that the category appears in the list and dropdown once created. 100 is the top of the list and drop-downs, 200 is second, and so on in increments of 100.
    Color Select the color that the treemap displays when this category is selected.
    Active* If this check box is unselected, the category is not an option in the drop-down menu on the treemap.
    Description* Information about the category that may be useful to identify and/or describe it to a user.
    Visible by all roles If this check box is unselected, you are able to restrict who is able to view this category by user roles.
    Note: * indicates a mandatory field.
  4. Select Submit.