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Create a vendor catalog item

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Create a vendor catalog item

Create a vendor catalog item to associate product models with a vendor.

Before you begin

Role required: model_manager


  1. Navigate to Product Catalog > Catalog Definition > Vendor Items.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form.
    Table 1. Vendor Catalog Item fields
    Field Description
    Name The name of the item is built from information in the Product Model, Vendor, and Product ID fields.
    Vendor The supplier that provides the item.
    Product model The specific version or configuration of the item.
    Out of stock The option that indicates whether the item is unavailable for order. This field is important if you are sourcing request items. Clear this check box if the item is available to order.
    Product ID The item identification number assigned by your organization.
    List price The price at which the item retails, excluding vendor discounts.
    Vendor price The price at which the item is available in the vendor catalog. If the vendor offers a discount, the vendor price reflects the discounted price.
    Rank tier Displays the overall ranking for this vendor's products and services, such as Valued Partner or Blacklisted Supplier. Rank tier expresses your organization's opinion of this vendor's performance. It can be used to decide if the vendor's products should be promoted or discontinued. Users with the vendor_manager role can edit this field.
    Short description A brief description of the item.
    General section
    Product catalog item Name of the product catalog item, if the item has been added to the product catalog. Leave this field empty if you are going to link a vendor catalog item to the hardware catalog.
    UPC The barcode number used to uniquely identify and track items for sale.
    Active Select the check box to list the item in the vendor catalog. Clear this check box to hide the item in the vendor catalog.
    Description A detailed description of the item.
    Information section
    Specifications Facts about the item such as size, weight, version, or speed.
    Features Distinct properties or distinguishing characteristics of the item.
  4. Click Submit.