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ITSM guided setup

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ITSM guided setup

ITSM guided setup provides a sequence of tasks that help you configure IT Service Management (ITSM) applications on your ServiceNow instance.

ITSM guided setup guides you through completing configuration activities that are organized in categories for common platform settings and ITSM applications. The percentage of activities that you complete for each category is displayed, so that you can monitor your progress. Each configuration activity in ITSM guided setup provides the following resources to help you:
  • More information (if available for an activity)
  • Contextual embedded help
  • Contextual documentation on the ServiceNow product documentation site
  • Guided tour (if available for an activity)

Guided activities for platform configurations

ITSM guided setup helps you configure common platform settings with these activity categories:

In the Company category, configure the company name, logo, and color theme to reflect your corporate brand. Also configure default system settings such as the time zone and the date and time formats.
In the Connectivity category, configure your instance to support inbound and outbound email notification. Also integrate the instance with your existing LDAP and single sign-on (SSO) solutions.
Foundation Data
If you do not use Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to import data into your instance, complete the activities in the Foundation Data category. Use the Foundation Data category to import users, groups, group members, companies, departments, and locations. Also assign roles to groups.

Guided activities for configuration of ITSM applications

ITSM guided setup provides activity categories to help you configure these corresponding ITSM applications:

The CMDB is a repository of information about your IT infrastructure and services. Complete the activities in this category to configure the CMDB for your organization.
Incident Management
Incident Management helps restore normal service operations as quickly as possible after an unplanned interruption and helps minimize the impact to your business. Complete the activities in this category to configure the incident management process for your organization.
Change Management
The Change Management application helps assess risk and reduce disruption when implementing necessary changes to IT services. Complete the activities in this category to configure the change management process for your organization.
Problem Management
Problem Management helps identify, investigate, and resolve root causes of incidents. Complete the activities in this category to configure the problem management process for your organization.
Service Catalog
The Service Catalog application helps to present the services that your organization offers to employees. Complete the activities in this category to structure and build the services that the employees can request through the service catalog.
Knowledge Management
The Knowledge Management application helps capture and share the ideas, experience, and information that your users collectively possess. Effective use of Knowledge Management improves efficiency, quality of service, and customer satisfaction. Complete the activities in this category to configure the knowledge management process for your organization.

Guided activity to prepare your ServiceNow instance for production use

After you complete all other activity categories, complete the Go Live category to take the final steps to prepare your instance for deployment.

Note: ITSM guided setup is not supported on tablet and mobile devices. Use one of the desktop browsers.