Promote an incident

An incident can be promoted to a problem, request, or change.

Before you begin

Role required: itil, itil_admin, or admin

About this task

When the cause of an incident is an error or widespread problem, the incident is promoted to a problem. When the issue requires a change to the infrastructure or a business service, the incident is promoted to a change.

An incident is promoted to a request when the resolution for the user is to request hardware or software.


  1. Open the incident to promote.
  2. Open the form context menu and select the appropriate option.
    To promote the incident to aSelect
    Problem Create Problem.
    Request Create Request.
    Change Create Normal Change or Create Emergency Change.
    The form for the new record appears and has been saved. Particular fields are copied to the promoted record from the incident.
  3. Complete the Problem, Request, or Change form with additional information.
  4. Click Update.
    The promoted record is saved. The incident is cross-referenced to the problem, change, or request as follows:
    Incident promoted to Incident form reference Promoted form reference
    Problem Problem field in the Related Records section. Incidents Related list in the Problem form.
    Request Requests Related list. This related list is hidden unless there is an associated request. If necessary, the administrator can configure the Incident form to display the Requests related list.
    Note: This feature is available only for new instances, starting with the Jakarta release.
    Parent field in the Request form. If necessary, the administrator can configure the Request form to display the Parent field.
    Change Change Request field in the Related Records section. Incidents Fixed by Change Related list in the Change Request form.

    The following images illustrate the Incident form references for incidents promoted to a problem, change, or request.

    Related records Incident form section
    Requests related listed in Incident form