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Copy an incident or create a child incident

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Copy an incident or create a child incident

Copy Incident copies the details of an existing incident record to a new incident record. Create Child Incident copies the details of the parent incident and links the new incident to the parent incident.

Before you begin

Role required: itil
Note: An itil user can copy or create any incident whereas an ess user can copy only the incident that he or she has created.


  1. Navigate to Incident > Open.
  2. Open the existing incident that you want to copy or from which you want to create a child incident.
  3. Do any one of the following actions:
    • To copy an incident, click Additional actions icon and then click Copy Incident.
      Note: After the incident is copied, the Work notes field is updated with the following message: Created from a similar incident: INTXXXXXX.
    • To create child incident, click the Child Incidents tab in the related list and then click Create Child Incident.
      Note: Ensure that you have Incident -> Parent Incident related list and the Parent Incident field is added to the incident form. The incident from which you have created the child incident is the parent incident for the child incident.
  4. Fill out the other fields, as required.
  5. Click Submit.

    The default fields and related lists that are copied from the parent incident are:

    • Fields:
      • Category
      • Subcategory
      • Business Service
      • Configuration item
      • Impact
      • Urgency
      • Assignment group
      • Short Description
      • Description
      • Related lists
      • Caused by Change
      • Location
      • Company
      • Problem
      • Change Request
      • Parent incident
      Note: If the problem, change, or the parent incident is not active, then details of those fields are not copied.
    • Related lists:
      • Affected CIs
      • Impacted Services