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Incident monitoring and tracking

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Incident monitoring and tracking

Service desk and other IT managers can use homepages and reports to monitor and track incident status and service levels.

Incident Overview

The Incident > Overview homepage provides a quick glance at the current state of open incidents. At the top, single score widgets enumerate the open incident statuses, such as critical incidents, unassigned incidents, and overdue incidents. Charts in the homepage group incidents by factors such as priority and state. The incident overview is fully interactive and configurable.

Critical Incidents map

The Incident > Critical Incidents Map module displays a map with symbols representing every open critical incident. Use it to help allocate resources to work on the incidents. You can point to a symbol to see the incident number or click a symbol to view the corresponding incident.

Incident reports

Various incident reports are available in the base system, and you can modify the existing reports or create new ones. Navigate to Reports > View / Run and enter incident in the search box to view all incident reports. Base system reports include the following:

  • Basic bar or pie chart reports, such as incidents by assignment group, location, priority, or state. These reports help you analyze a specific data point, for example, whether enough staff is allocated to an assignment group.
  • Time series reports, such as Incident Trend by Configuration Item. This report lets you analyze closed incidents by configuration item (CI) to identify potential problems.
  • Multidimensional reports, such as Incidents by Priority and State older than 30 Days. This report can help you identify gaps in service levels. For example, if a high number of low-priority incidents are still in New state after being open more than 30 days.

Complimentary Performance Analytics for Incident Management

Complimentary Performance Analytics for Incident Management and aggregates data over time, and is enabled by default for Incident Management. Complimentary Performance Analytics for Incident Management provides an Incident Management dashboard with 15 indicators to help you assess organizational performance. For more information, see Performance Analytics for Incident Management .

If you subscribe to Performance Analytics, additional Out-of-the-box Performance Analytics Solutions and in-form analytics are available for Incident Management. Out-of-the-box Performance Analytics Solution for Incident Management contain preconfigured dashboards. In-form analytics allow you to access preconfigured dashboards from the Incident form.