Business rules installed with Contract Management

Business rules are added with Contract Management.

Name Table Description
Calculate projected costs (Reports) Contract [ast_contract] Calculates the projected monthly and annual costs for a contract when costs or payment schedule changes.
Calculate totals with tax Contract [ast_contract] Calculates the Tax cost and Total cost fields for a contract when the contract is created or updated.
Contract history Contract [ast_contract] Stores history when the start, end, or terms and conditions of a contract change.
Create approval record Contract [ast_contract] Updates contract Terms and Conditions and starts the contract approval workflow when a contract is sent for review.
Flag terms and conditions Terms and Conditions [clm_m2m_contract_and_terms] Sets the Use flag on a Terms and Conditions record to true after the record is associated with a contract or to false after the record is disassociated from a contract.
Install count for manual licenses Software License Instance [ast_license_software_instance] Calculates and updates the number of computers a particular license is installed on when a software license instance is created or deleted.
Manage contract lifecycle Contract [ast_contract] This business rule:
  • Updates the end date of a contract when a contract extension has been approved.
  • Renews the contract, updating its start date, end date, and base cost (if cost adjustments need to be applied) when a contract renewal has been approved and the renewal has reached its start date.
  • Runs the condition checks to evaluate if dates need to be changed when a contract is approved, or an extension or renewal is approved, or the start or end dates have changed.
Post outage to news Business Service [cmdb_ci_service] Posts a news article on the knowledge table when there is an outage.
Update contract cost per asset Asset Covered [clm_m2m_contract_asset] Updates the cost per unit value based on the total cost and number of assets associated to the contract.
Update contract lifetime cost Contract Rate Card (fm_contract_rate_card) Calculates the lifetime cost of the contract by calculating the sum of the contract expense lines.
Updates after contract dates change Contract [ast_contract] Updates the Date added and Date removed fields for all assets and users associated with a contract if the contract end date changes.
Updates after rate card dates change Contract Rate Card [fm_contract_rate_card] Updates the related contract assets and users linked to the rate card when the end date is changed.
Verify contract’s start and end dates Contract [ast_contract] Validates contract start and end dates and contract renewal start and end dates.
Verify purchase agreement discount price Contract [ast_contract] For contracts with the contract model Purchase Agreement, the business rule validates that the Discount field does not contain a value less than zero or greater than 99.