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View CAB meeting details

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View CAB meeting details

You can view the details of any past, scheduled, or in-progress CAB meeting.

Before you begin

Role required: itil, sn_change_cab.cab_manager, or admin


  1. Use one of the following ways to navigate to the CAB meeting:
    CAB meeting
    1. Navigate to Change > Change Advisory Board > All CAB Meetings and open the specific CAB meeting to view.
    2. Click the Go to this meeting in CAB workbench related link.
    CAB workbench
    1. Navigate to Change > Change Advisory Board > CAB Workbench.
    2. Click the meeting details you want to view from your calendar.
    3. Click Open in the window that appears for the meeting.
      Note: You can only click Open if the meeting has an agenda.
    The following information is available:
    Table 1. CAB meeting
    Field Description
    • Total time scheduled for the CAB meeting
    • Time covered until present for a CAB meeting in progress
    • Time spent discussing current agenda item
    • Time assigned to each agenda item
    Agenda items List of agenda items for the CAB meeting. You can view all agenda items or filter the list for current, pending, and completed agenda items.
    Calendar The blackout and maintenance windows are displayed on the change calendar. You can also view when the current agenda item is scheduled. You can view the calendar in a daily and weekly format.
    Meeting Notes Meeting notes, if any, for a past CAB meeting. If you are the CAB manager, you can take notes during the meeting.
    Attendees Details of attendees for the specific CAB meeting including the CAB board and delegates.
    Conference Information Conference details of the CAB meeting.
  2. If you are the CAB manager, or one of the CAB delegates who has chosen to host a specific CAB meeting, you can perform the following tasks:
    Task Steps
    Edit the change request Click the edit icon beside the Change, Planning, and Schedule tabs.
    Start the meeting Click Start meeting.
    End the meeting Click End meeting.
    Pause the timer on the current agenda item Click Pause on the Current Agenda Item widget.
    Move to the next agenda item Click Next after a decision is taken on the current agenda item.
    Host the meeting Click Attendees > Host to become the host. You can host the meeting when you are a CAB manager or delegate.
    Promote an agenda item Click Promote under a change request name and title to promote it as the next agenda item for discussion.
    Take meeting notes Click Meeting Notes to take notes during the meeting. These notes can be shared with CAB attendees.