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Process a change request

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Process a change request

You can approve, implement, review, and close a change request.

Before you begin

As part of processing a change request, ensure that you have detected any change conflicts and performed risk assessment.

Role required: itil, admin, or change_manager


You can perform the following actions on a change request based on your role.
Approve or reject a change request Open the approval record and click Approve to approve the change request or Reject to reject it.

The change request changes to the Scheduled state if it is approved or to New state if it is rejected.

Implement a change request Click Implement to put the change request into action.

The change request state changes to Implement. The workflow creates two change tasks: Implement and Post-implementation testing. Review the change tasks and assign them to a user or group, as appropriate.

Review a change request Click Review after reviewing the details on the change request.

The change request is moved to the Review state. All open change tasks are set to Canceled.

Close a change request Click Close after entering the Close code and Close notes in the Closure Information section.

The change request is closed.

Cancel a change request From the context menu, click Cancel Change. Provide a reason for canceling the change and click Save.

The change request is canceled and the reason for canceling the change is added to the Work Notes field.

You can also add approval history to the change request activity log. Click the activity filter icon and select Approval history from the list. When there is a change in the approval process, such as an approval, rejection, or comments, the activity log is updated.