Migrated risk assessment components

When you migrate a change risk assessment, the system maps records from legacy risk assessment to the new risk assessment tables.

To create a functional risk assessment on the assessment framework, the system converts risk assessment records to the most logical equivalent assessment risk records. This may mean multiple assessment risk records are created from one legacy risk record.
Table 1. Migrated components
Risk assessment components Change risk assessment components
Assessment Master [assessment_master] Change Risk Assessment [change_risk_asmt]
Assessment Question [assessment_question] Assessment category [asmt_metric_category]
Assessment Metric [asmt_metric]
Assessment Question Choice [assessment_question_choice] Assessment metric definition [asmt_metric_definition]
Risk Assessment Thresholds [risk_assessment_threshold] Assessment Thresholds [change_risk_asmt_threshold]
Assessment Conditions [assessment_conditions] This is included in Change Management - Risk Assessment [com.snc.change.risk_assessment].