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View benchmark KPI data

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View benchmark KPI data

Benchmarks KPI data is shown in Service Portal. Data includes values for your company instance, and for global data.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_bm_client.benchmark_data_viewer


  1. Navigate to Benchmarks > Dashboard.
  2. In the KPI category list, select either IT Service Management or IT Operations Management.
  3. To view the corresponding group of KPIs, click a tab.
    Note: If the data seems incomplete or incorrect, you can investigate the KPI definition and conditions in Performance Analytics > Sources > Indicator Sources.
  4. To filter results, select either an industry, number of users, or region in the Compare with: list.
    The data is automatically updated when you select a filter.
    Note: If a filter category contains fewer than 20 participants, the corresponding data is shown in the Other category.
  5. For choice of view, click either the list icon or the card-view icon.
    In card view, clicking a KPI shows the six-month KPI performance trend chart on the card.
  6. To download a report to a PDF file, click the arrow icon (BenchArrow).

What to do next

Click a KPI to view Benchmarks KPI performance trend and recommendations.