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Opt out of Benchmarks

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Opt out of Benchmarks

You can opt out of Benchmarks at any time. If you opt out, your company usage data is no longer included in the Benchmarks data set, and you no longer see aggregate metrics.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_bm_client.benchmark_admin

About this task

When you opt out of the Benchmarks community, it means that you no longer have access to benchmarking information for your organization. Your usage data is also removed from the Benchmarks data set going forward. However, your company can rejoin the Benchmarks program at any time.

Note: It may take up to two monthly refresh cycles for the request to be processed.


  1. Navigate to Benchmarks > Setup.
  2. Click Opt-out of ServiceNow Benchmarks.
  3. Click Opt-Out.
  4. (Optional) To send your feedback, provide the relevant information and click Send. Otherwise click Cancel to skip the survey.
    The opt-out confirmation is shown. You can opt back in at any time.