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Enable a benchmark KPI

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Enable a benchmark KPI

Enable KPIs to use in your data reporting.

Before you begin

Role required to enable a KPI: sn_bm_client.benchmark_admin

Role required to assign roles to a KPI category: admin

About this task

KPIs are grouped within categories (for example, ITSM, ITOM). You can assign roles to certain categories so that the corresponding KPI data is limited to authorized groups.


  1. Navigate to Benchmarks > Administration > Setup.
  2. To enable or disable a KPI, click the KPI slider.
  3. To view more information about a KPI, click the KPI.
    Additional information includes description, formula, conditions, and tables from which the data is collected.
  4. Click Save.
    Allow one to two months for aggregate monthly data to accurately reflect changes made to KPI status.
    Note: In some environments, resolved incident KPIs may require further configuration to retrieve resolved incident data.
  5. (Optional) To limit access of benchmark data to specific categories, assign roles to a KPI category.
    1. Navigate to Benchmarks > Administration > Category and select a KPI category.
    2. To add a role, click View Roles.
      Note: You must have the admin role to assign roles to categories.