Benchmarks dashboard

The Benchmarks dashboard shows KPI data, performance trends, and indicator scorecards.

The Benchmarks KPI dashboard view, which shows all KPIs, is launched in Service Portal.

Features include:
  • Ability to show KPIs in either list or card view.
  • Downloadable reports of KPI list and all charts in PDF format.
  • Ability to filter data by type of industry, number of users, or geographic region (the filter is retained when switching between KPI view and trend view).
  • Color-coded KPI data (the favorable comparison results for your instance are in green, while red favors global data).
  • Monthly change percentage calculation of your instance from the previous month.
  • Ability to display time values in hours or days (using the sn_bm_client.dashboard_display_unit system property).
Note: Service Portal must be installed to view the Benchmarks dashboard.
Note: MSP data is not included in global Benchmarks calculations.

Percentile rank

The exact standing of the KPI for your company within your participating peer group is indicated by percentile rank. A KPI percentile rank of 90% indicates that your instance standing for that KPI is greater than 90% of the instances participating in that group.

Note: A high percentile rank does not always indicate a desirable result.

For certain KPIs a higher ranking is preferred (% of incidents resolved using KB articles), but for others it is not (% of emergency changes). The meaning of your percentile ranking should be interpreted based on the direction of the KPI being analyzed.

KPI Direction

(Percentile rank goal)

Minimize Maximize
% of high priority incidents resolved X
% of incidents resolved on first assignment X
% of incidents resolved within SLA X
% of reopened incidents X
Average time to resolve a high priority incident X
Average time to resolve an incident X
Number of incidents created per user X
% of high priority problems X
% of incidents resolved by problem X
Average time to close a problem X
% of emergency changes X
% of failed changes X
Average time to close a change X
% of closed requests with breached SLAs X
Average time to fulfill a request X
Number of requests created per user X
% of incidents resolved using KB articles X
Number of knowledge article views per user X
Average customer satisfaction X
Number of requesters per fulfiller X
% of duplicate CIs X
% of non-compliant CIs X
% of stale CIs X

ITSM dashboards

ITSM dashboards are a central place for ITSM users to monitor ongoing ITSM operations. These dashboards contain data visualizations to help you improve your business processes and practices.

Access the dashboards under Self-Service > Dashboards. To view detailed information, hover over any report graphic.
Note: Out-of-the-box ITSM dashboards Performance Analytics Solutions is required to view these dashboards. The Performance Analytics - Content Pack - ITSM Dashboards ( plugin must be activated.

For more information, see Out-of-the-box Performance Analytics Solutions.

Dashboard Description Role
IT Manager Overview reports and IT service analysis reports
  • Incident Manager
  • SLA Manager
  • pa_admin
IT Agent Agent work and agent group work reports, and prioritized workload
  • itil
  • itil_admin
  • pa_admin
IT Executive Customer service, performance, and risk map reports
  • itil
  • itil_admin
  • pa_admin