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View a list of unallocated software licenses

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View a list of unallocated software licenses

Managing software licenses includes knowing what licenses are owned by your organization, but are not allocated.

Before you begin

Role required: sam

About this task

You can, for example, allocate the licenses to users or machines. If no one needs the unallocated licenses, this can be noted so that fewer licenses are purchased in the future.


  1. Navigate to Software Asset > Unallocated Licenses.
    This list is also available from Asset Management > Stock > Unallocated Licenses.
  2. View the Software Counter Details list (Unallocated License view).
    The Valuation column lists the number of unallocated licenses for the given software model.
    Figure 1. SAM unallocated licenses
    SAM unallocated licenses
  3. Click a name in the Model column for detailed information about a specific license.
    View the Software Model list in the Unallocated License view.