Validate the requirements to associate a software installation to Oracle mapping

Meeting recommended requirements ensures that you receive the highest quality results with Oracle mapping.

  1. Use a discovery tool (such as ServiceNow Discovery) to identify software installations. Check that the added CPU information is correct.
  2. Activate the Software Asset Management plugin - Oracle Process Pack plugin. This also activates the Software Asset Management plugin if it is not already active.
  3. Refresh processor definitions by navigating to Software Asset > System and clicking Refresh Processor Definitions.
  4. Ensure that the software models you want to manage with Oracle licensing are set up accurately. See Creating a software model.
  5. Create a software license for your Oracle software. Ensure that the license is given the correct license metric.
    The License metric (metric_type) field on the Software License table is a reference field to the License Calculation table.
  6. Create a software counter to calculate Oracle licenses with the matching license type.
  7. Count licenses to determine compliance with Oracle guidelines.