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Software license entitlements for Software Asset Management plugin

Software license entitlements for Software Asset Management plugin

Software entitlements enable you to define the people or machines to which a specific, purchased software license is assigned.

Before you begin

Role required: asset

About this task

Asset managers allocate a license to entitle a user or machine to use the license. For example, a company purchases a software license for 100 rights. The software entitlement specifies the 100 employees or machines that are rightfully assigned a license. If the ServiceNow Discovery tool is used and it finds the software installed on 200 machines, the asset manager can identify the employees or computers that have the software installed without a license. The asset manager can ask users to remove the software from their computers.

Built-in rules prevent entitling more licenses than have been purchased. License entitlements use specific software license asset tags. In addition to the mandatory asset tag, an individual person and a specific configuration item can be assigned.

The benefits of using software entitlements include the following.
  • If the overall license allotment is exceeded, the asset manager can rapidly address the problem and return to compliant status by either removing unauthorized software or ordering more licenses.
  • If the license allotment is not being used completely, the asset manager can respond by lowering the number of licenses purchased in the future.


  1. Navigate to Asset > Software > Asset License Entitlements.
  2. Click New.
    Figure 1. Software asset entitlement
    Software asset entitlement
  3. Complete the form.
    Field Description
    Display name Read-only. Name used in record lists.
    Allocated to The configuration item consuming the license token.
    Licensed by License granting this token.
    Cached Read-only. Internal flag set and used by software counters logic.
  4. Click Submit.