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IBM PVU mapping preparation

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IBM PVU mapping preparation

Most IBM PVU mapping and license checking in the ServiceNow platform is managed automatically.

For the automatic calculations to be as accurate as possible, it is important that configuration item and software model information be accurate.

The important fields describing the processor on the configuration item form are:
  • CPU type
  • CPU count
  • CPU core count
Figure 1. PVU configuration item
PVU configuration item

This CPU data is often added accurately when the CMDB is populated with information. If the fields contain incorrect information, manually edit the fields on the configuration item form.

The mapping between the configuration item form fields and processor definition fields is as follows.
Table 1. Preparing for IBM PVU mapping
Configuration Item Form Field Processor Definition Form Field Definition
CPU type Processor name, Server model number, and Processor model number Combination of processor name, server model number, and processor model number. The CPU type field is created as part of the general process described in Populating the CMDB. Some discovery tools fill in the CPU name instead of CPU type. If the CPU type field is empty, the CPU name field is used for mapping instead. (You can configure the form to display the CPU name, if needed.) If the CPU type field and the CPU name field are both empty, no mapping is done.
CPU count Number of sockets Number of sockets.
CPU core count Cores per socket Cores per socket
The key field on the Software Model form is License type. For any software licenses you want to track with IBM PVU, open the corresponding software model form and select the Per installation - IBM PVU license type.
Figure 2. PVU software model
PVU software model