On-call schedule concepts

What on-call schedules contain.

  • Rota: the calendar definition of on-call shift hours, personnel lists, and escalation settings such as escalation type and a catch-all for a group. Rotas define the time slots within which the duty schedule is active.
  • Rosters: a list of users who are part of the schedule. Rosters define which users are assigned to which time slots within the rota.
  • Schedules: the basic entity from which rotas and rosters are defined. For example, a company that wants coverage of tasks around the clock would use a 24-7 schedule. Companies that provide support around the globe, could use a follow the sun schedule to cover different time zones across different continents.
  • Holidays: time off for participants in a rota can be planned and managed in the on-call calendars.
  • Escalations: the chain of persons and the actions to be taken, for example, when a P1 incident comes in.
  • Notifications: can be sent to remind people on-call of their obligations or if an important event occurs. This notification is either by sending emails with on-call scheduling, or by sending a voice mail or an SMS with Notify.