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View on-call calendar

View on-call calendar

The on-call scheduling calendar graphically represents on-call schedules for a day, week, or month in the calendar or timeline view and helps you to edit rota or span and manage rota.

To view the on-call scheduling calendar, click On-Call Scheduling > On-Call Calendars.

Figure 1. on-call scheduling calendar
on-call scheduling calendar

The calendar icon () and the timeline icon () icon at the upper-left of the window helps you to navigate between the calendar view and the timeline view of schedules. The Month view is the default schedule view and the current day is highlighted. The calendar also provides Day and Week views. If you want to view the event of any specific day, month, or year, click and select the specific date. You can also combine the available functionalities to change the view of the calendar. For example, you can click to choose the timeline view, select a particular date from and select the Day, Week, or Month view.

If you want to view events for the current day, week, or month, click Today.

The left and the right arrow next to Today () helps you to navigate to the previous or the next day, week, or month depending on the view type.

Schedule calendar also provides keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate quickly and to provide accessibility to users. The list of navigation shortcuts appear when you click .

To control the view of the calendar, you can set configuration filters by clicking .

Under Calendar Display, in the choice list, you can select the group for which you want to view the schedule. You can also select the schedules you are interested in. If you want to save your settings, click the Favorite icon ().

Figure 2. on-call scheduling settings
on-call scheduling settings
If you click schedules on the calendar, a pop-up window appears with the Actions choice list as well as the primary and secondary schedules. The Actions choice list has options to edit rota or span as well as manage rota. For each listed user, you have option to either connect through phone, email or chat.
Note: The application that is launched for phone or email is dependent on the client that is installed in the local machine.
Figure 3. on-call scheduling actions list
on-call scheduling actions list

If you click any of the user, a pop-up window appears with the Manage Rota button, schedule to which the user belongs to, date and time and also options to connect to the user through email and chat. If you want to manage schedule for the group, click Manage Rota.

Figure 4. on-call scheduling rota
on-call scheduling rota
Note: If you navigate to the On-Call Calendars page from the On-Call Schedules page, a back button () appears on the top-left of the On-Call Calendars page. You can click the back button to navigate back to the On-Call Schedules page.