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Parse text from a vertical file

Parse text from a vertical file

In discovery patterns, you can use the Vertical file parsing strategy to parse text into variables for vertical files.

Before you begin

Basic knowledge of programming is desirable.

Role required: pd_admin


  1. Select one of parsing operations from the Operation list in one of the following locations:
    • the Identification Sections or Connectivity Sections for Service Mapping
    • the Step window for Discovery
  2. Select the Vertical file from the Parsing strategy list.
  3. In the Target Table field, enter the name of the table to hold variables extracted during this operation.
  4. In the Section field, enter the title of the section.
    This parameter is used to identify the beginning of sections in the file.
  5. In the Line field, enter the line number. The lines are counted from top to bottom.
  6. In the Column field, enter the column number. The columns are counted from left to right.
  7. To end the discovery process if no results are found, select the If not found check box.


You can use the Vertical File parsing strategy for the Parse Command Output operation to extract information about a database. The section separator is entry:.

Using vertical file as a parsing strategy

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