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Get a process

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Get a process

As part of creating or modifying a discovery pattern, use the Get process operation to search for a specific process to store in a tabular variable.

Before you begin

  • Navigate to the relevant pattern step:

    1. On the pattern form, select the relevant identification section for Discovery.

      Alternatively, select the relevant identification or connection section for Service Mapping.

    2. Select the relevant pattern step or click to add a step.

Basic knowledge of programming is desirable.

Role required: pd_admin

About this task

You can manually specify the filtering criteria, or you can select a process from the list of all processes on the system. The values of the selected process are used to populate the filtering fields. Modify these criteria as needed (for example, to delete irrelevant criteria).

Processes that satisfy the specified filtering criteria are placed in a tabular variable whose name you specify. This tabular variable appears in the Temporary Variables table.


  1. Select Get process from the Operation list.
  2. If in the debug mode, perform the following steps:
    1. Click Browse Process to open a form containing a list of processes.
    2. Select a process and click OK. Filtering criteria are populated with values from the selected process.
  3. If not working in the debug mode, define the field values as needed:
    Field Description
    Process ID Enter the process ID. Not recommended since this parameter can be modified.
    Command Line Enter the command line or a string which is part of it. For example, you can use "bw" to find "bwengine."
    Working Directory Enter the working directory for the process. Not recommended, since this parameter can vary on different hosts.
    Parent Process Enter the process which is the parent of the process that you want to extract. Not recommended since this parameter can be modified or can extract many irrelevant sub processes.
    Port Enter the port on which the process runs. Not all processes are based on ports.
  4. In the Specify Target Variables field, specify the name for the tabular variable to hold the list of processes that satisfy the filtering criteria.
    You can also enter a value from the specific field in a tabular variable as described in Enter values and variables in patterns.
  5. If in Debug mode, test the step by clicking Test and checking that the operation brings the result you expected.


This operation is used in This item
Hierarchy Application> Infrastructure Service > Web Server
CI Type Microsoft iis Web Server [cmdb_ci_microsoft_iis_web_server]
Pattern IIS
Section Identification for HTTP(S) entry point type(s) for IIS6 second logic
Step number and Name 40. Get IIS process

Use the Get Process operation to get all Internet Information Services worker processes (w3wp.exe) running on the Windows Server and keep the results in the table variable iis_process.

Example of the Get Process operation

What to do next