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Fine-tune business services to implement owner requests

Fine-tune business services to implement owner requests

As an administrator, you tweak and fine-tune maps based on comments from the business service owner.

Before you begin

Role required: sm_admin

About this task

Reviewing and implementing owner requests is part of the review and approval process.

Approval flow for individual business servicesSend the business service for reviewReview the business service and request fixesResend the business services for reviewReview and approve the business service


  1. Navigate to the relevant business service:
    1. In the child instance, click Approve on the Home page.
    2. Click Fix Rejected.
    3. Right-click the required business service and select Open Service Form.
      The form for this business service opens.
  2. Click Reject Messages on the left.
    The owner comments are displayed under the Service Discovery Messages tab.
  3. Review the reject messages to see comments that the business service owner left.
  4. Click View Map.
  5. Implement changes requested by the business service owner.
  6. If necessary, resend the business service for review.