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Provide entry points for mapping a business service

Provide entry points for mapping a business service

As a business service owner you may receive a request for information about entry points in an email notification. Provide information about entry points to enable administrators to start discovery of a business service.

Before you begin

Role required: sm_app_owner or sm_admin

About this task

If information about business service entry points is missing, an administrator cannot start mapping the business service. In this case, the administrator sends a request for missing data from the business service form, which creates a service process task assigned to you. You receive an email notification with the link to the Questionnaire page where you must enter the missing data. The most important information is about the entry points, however, any additional data about business service components, their connections, or usage is of help for the administrator. When you finish entering data in the Questionnaire and submit it, the system closes the service process task.

Flow of creating a single business service.


  1. Click the link in the notification email to access the Questionnaire page.
  2. Alternatively, open to the Questionnaire page from the list of tasks assigned to you.
    1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Administration > My Tasks.
    2. (Optional) Sort the list of service process tasks as required.
    3. Click the required task.
    4. Click the Business service form link.
    5. Click Questionnaire in the left pane.
  3. On the Planned Custom Entry Points tab, enter information about business service entry points.

    If you cannot specify the exact attributes of the entry points, such as the URL or the IP address, add general information which can guide the administrator. For example, the type of the application, like Tomcat server.

  4. To add information about any other components comprising this business service, click the Components tab, and enter the relevant data there.
  5. When you finished entering the information, click Actions, and then select Submit Questionnaire.
    The data request task assigned to you closes. The business service status changes to Finished Questionnaire.
  6. If there is any other useful information concerning this business service, enter it in the Notes field under Worknotes and press Enter to post your comment.

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