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Map multiple business services from a CSV file

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Map multiple business services from a CSV file

This method suits you if your organization has performed cross-organization mapping and analysis and collected some information about planned business services. If so, you can organize the collected information in a specific order and save it as a CSV file. Service Mapping extracts information from this file and creates potential business services referred to as service candidates.

Before you begin

Perform the procedure described in Prepare a CSV file for mapping your candidates.
Warning: If you import planned services using the Service Map Planner module, use the CSV file format described in Import planned business services from the CSV file.
Role required: sm_admin

About this task

If necessary, you can import service candidates from multiple CSV files.

When reimporting business service candidates, Service Mapping does not import candidates you chose to ignore earlier.

After Service Mapping discovers CIs belonging to your business service for the first time, it then runs discovery on CIs again to find changes and updates. Discovery schedules determine which CIs Service Mapping rediscovers and how often.


  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Home.
  2. Click Additional Options under the Map tile.
  3. Click Import Service Map List.
  4. In the Import CSV file window, click Choose file.
  5. Navigate to the CSV file to use for the import and click Choose.
  6. Click Import.
    The imported business service candidates are added to the list of candidates.
  7. Check that the overall number of service candidates on the Map tile increased by the expected number.
  8. Click Map to create business services from the candidates you imported from the CSV file.

What to do next