Add related CIs to the main CI pattern

Discovery uses some patterns to discover a CI with all its related CIs. As part of creating or modifying a discovery pattern, add related CIs to the pattern to use related CI attributes while working on this pattern.

Before you begin

  1. (Optional) Check if the CI is dependent: The system uses the identification rules to identify the CI independently of other CIs. Refer to Create or edit a CI identification rule.
  2. (Optional) To understand the model better, check dependent relationship rules which define the dependency structure of the CI types and the relationship types in these service definitions. For example, you can discover a Tomcat server with Tomcat WARs belonging to it. For more information, refer to Dependent relationship rules.
Role required: pd_admin


  1. Navigate to Pattern Designer > Discovery Patterns.
  2. Select the relevant pattern.
  3. On the pattern form, select the relevant identification section.
  4. Make sure that you are not in Debug mode.
  5. On the CI Attributes pane, click the Manage related CIs icon.
  6. Select the relevant related CI type.
    You can use the search box to locate a specific CI type.
  7. Click the Plus icon.
    The new related CI type is added to the list.
  8. (Optional) Add other related CI types.
  9. Click OK.
    New tabs for related CI types you added appear under the tab for the main CI: