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Discovery of business services on cloud using Service Mapping

Discovery of business services on cloud using Service Mapping

Service Mapping can discover business services consisting of devices and applications deployed in cloud.

There are two types of cloud computing methods your enterprise may use: infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). Service Mapping discovers business services based on IaaS in the same way as any business service based on infrastructure located inside an enterprise private network. It relies on Discovery to find hosts before discovering applications and connections between them using patterns. For more information on this discovery flow, see Pattern-based discovery in Service Mapping.

Discovering business services entirely or partially based on PaaS requires a different paradigm. Applications in such deployments are hosted by network devices on cloud. To discover a business service in such a deployment, you use Discovery and Service Mapping as follows:
  • You configure a service account for cloud-computing platform hosting the business service. Service Mapping and Discovery use this service account for accessing devices and applications on this platform.
  • Discovery performs the horizontal discovery using probes and finds the infrastructure devices in the cloud.
  • Discovery performs the horizontal discovery using patterns and finds applications and services hosted on the cloud.
  • Service Mapping performs the top-down discovery to find connections between devices and applications and build the map of the business service.

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