Business services

A business service is a set of interconnected applications and hosts, which are configured to offer a service to the organization. Business services can be internal, like organization email system or customer-facing, like an organization website.

ServiceNow applications, including Service Mapping, refer to devices, applications, and connections that comprise a business service as configuration items (CIs). Service Mapping creates a map of a business service by communicating with its individual CIs belonging to this business service, identifying the CI connections, and mapping the CIs.

For each business service, select a criticality level that reflects how important it is to your organization operations. Typically, you might assign high criticality to business services, which impact your customer base or sales revenue, while giving low criticality to internal business services causing minor inconvenience to organization employees. For example, you could set high criticality for a business service that supports sales functionality using the organization web site. A business service that provides internal printing for the organization employees could receive low criticality.

Criticality assigned in Service Mapping defines the prominence of a business service on the Event Management dashboard. You can also use a criticality value to define recovery strategies.
Figure 1. Example of a business service criticality on the Event Management dashboard

Example of a business service criticality on the Event Management dashboard

You can control user access to business services.