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Validate the MID Server

Validate the MID Server

You must manually validate the MID Server after it is installed to enable it to execute automation tasks. You can invalidate a MID Server you suspect has been compromised to prevent it from accessing automation credentials in the instance or executing outbound ECC probes.

Before you begin

Role required: agent_admin, admin

Make sure that the MID Server version is compatible with the instance.

About this task

Validation restricts access to automation credentials to trusted MID servers only.
Starting in the Istanbul release, you can specify that the MID should be used for all capabilities, applications, and IP ranges when you validate a MID Server. You will be prompted to set the initial selection criteria when you validate MID Servers that do not already have capabilities, applications, or IP ranges already configured. You do not have to set the initial selection criteria to actually validate the MID Server. See MID Server selection for more information on capabilities, applications, and IP ranges.
Note: When you upgrade to Geneva and later releases, MID Servers that are already configured in your instance are automatically validated. This prevents the interruption of automation tasks that MID Servers might be performing. See MID Server upgrade for more information.


  1. Install the MID Server using the instructions in MID Server installation.
    This creates a record in the MID Server [ecc_agent] table.
  2. Navigate to MID Server > Servers.
  3. Open the new MID Server from the list of MID Servers.
  4. Under Related Links click Validate.
    The Set Initial Selection Criteria window appears if there are no records in the Supported Applications, IP Ranges, or Capabilities related lists.
  5. On the Set Initial Selection Criteria window, use the switches to enable or disable selection criteria for this MID Server:
    • Allow ALL capabilities: Allow all capabilities for Orchestration and Event Management use this MID Server.
      Note: Service Mapping and Event Management alert aggregation and RCA, which used capabilities in previous releases, rely on the application for MID Server selection starting with the Istanbul release.
    • Allow ALL applications: Allow all applications that use MID Servers use this MID Server.
    • Allow ALL IP ranges: Make all IP ranges valid for this MID Server, meaning that it can target any IP address.
    Figure 1. Setting initial selection criteria
    Set initial selection criteria

    If you click Cancel, the validation continues but none of the capabilities, applications, or IP ranges are added.

  6. Click OK.

    The Validated field on the dashboard is set to Validating, and then set to Yes after the validation completes.

  7. To invalidate a MID Server, open the record for the MID Server you suspect has a security issue.
  8. Under Related Links, click Invalidate.
    Invalidating a MID Server forces it to clear its memory and restart. The MID Server generates a new keypair on restart.

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