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MID Server IP range auto-assignment

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MID Server IP range auto-assignment

IP ranges that represent a subnet can be automatically assigned to MID Servers.

To be automatically assigned to a subnet, a MID Server must be:
  • In a running (Up) state.
  • Successfully validated.
  • Able to access one or more subnets in your network.
You can select MID Servers for auto assignment using either of these methods:
  • Guided Setup: The ITOM Guided Setup module leads you through the process of installing and configuring a MID Server and automatically assigning that MID Server to a subnet range. When you use the Guided Setup to assign MID Servers to subnets, the instance runs Discovery to identify the available subnets and then makes the assignments for the MID Servers you select. To get started with Guided Setup, navigate to Guided Setup > ITOM Guided Setup.
  • Auto-Assign IP Ranges: The MID Server > Auto-Assign IP Ranges module displays the MID Server auto assignment list. When you select one or more MID Servers for auto-assignment, the instance runs Discovery to identify the subnets in your network and completes the MID Server IP range assignments.

The subnet assignments that the instance makes for the MID Servers you select are stored in the Automation Status Set [automation_status_set] table.