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Compare and deploy RCA configurations

Compare and deploy RCA configurations

Compare the results of root cause analysis between two RCA configurations on actual alerts, then choose the optimal configuration in your environment, and deploy it.

About this task

Select any two RCA configurations and a business or a manual service for the comparison. The comparison simulates analysis on historical data from the business or manual service, while applying the two RCA configurations. The RCA Config Comparison report displays the comparison results.

When you compare one RCA configuration to another RCA configuration, alert aggregation and RCA stores a current snapshot of the definitions of the RCA configurations that are being compared. An RCA configuration can end up having several versions, each one created when it is used in a comparison.

Review the comparison results, and decide which RCA configuration is most efficient, and then deploy that configuration. The deployment request is registered, and will take effect at the next cycle of the RCA Learner. The version of the configuration that was used for the comparison will be deployed.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Alert Aggregation and RCA > RCA Configs.
  2. Click on one of the two configurations that you want to compare, and on the configuration form click Run Comparison.
  3. In the Run Comparison dialog box, select a second configuration for the comparison from the Compare with Configuration list.
  4. Select a business or a manual service from the Run comparison on list to use for the comparison.
  5. Click Run.
  6. Navigate to Event Management > Alert Aggregation and RCA > RCA Configs Comparsion, and select a comparison to review. Ensure that the status of the comparison is Completed.
  7. Decide which configuration you want to deploy, and click the configuration link in the comparison that you are reviewing.
  8. On the configuration form, click Deploy.