Purge status and alert history

You can configure automatic table cleanup to improve performance. Automatic table cleanup is recommended for status and alert history retention.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

If records are older than 90 days, by default they are purged. If records are retained for a longer period, larger volumes of data are stored, and performance may be impacted.
Note: Event [em_event] table growth is contained, by default, by the use of table rotation. For information about backing up events to a custom table, see Event Management configuration preferences.


  1. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Administration > Table Cleanup.
  2. If required, shorten the retention period (in seconds) for records of the following tables:
    • Alerts [em_alert] (Default: 7,776,000)
    • Alert History [em_alert_history] (Default: 7,776,000)
    • Impact Status [em_impact_status] (Default: 7,776,000)