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Create a Metric Explorer view

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Create a Metric Explorer view

You can create a custom view in the Metric Explorer that saves any metric charts that were added to the canvas, and any pinned configuration items. After you create a view, you can share a link to the view.


  1. Navigate to Operational Intelligence > Metric Explorer.
  2. Click Create View (), and enter a Name in the Create New View dialog box. If you are already creating a view, then you can choose Create With Existing to load an existing view to work with rather than starting with a blank canvas.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Add items to be included in the view:
    1. Drag metrics and create charts on the canvas.
    2. Add pinned configuration items.
    While modifying a view, it is automatically saved every time you update it. The time settings are not saved in views, and when a saved view is loaded, its time period is always set to Last hour displaying current information.

What to do next

  • Share a view: Click Share View (), and then in the Share dialog box, click Copy Link. Send or paste the link to make it accessible to whoever you want to share the view with. A shared link captures the time range of the view, the charts that were added to the canvas, and any pinned configuration items.
  • Display a saved view: Open the Select a Saved View drop down list, and select a previously saved view that you want to display.