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Configure monitor

Configure monitor

Configure the threshold of specified components for monitoring using the self-health monitor.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_admin

About this task

Configure the entries in the Monitoring Configurations (em_monitor_conf) table. For example, in the Connector's Idle state monitoring entry, you can specify that the monitoring job frequency is 90 seconds instead of 120 seconds.
Note: Each of the configuration entries can be disabled.

If a configuration entry specifies a threshold, it determines what alert severity to display. Threshold values are in units of minutes and specify the delay time.

The entries in the Monitoring Configurations table use the Health Monitor Scripts. If you intend to create a new Health Monitor Script, configure a monitor to match the purpose of the custom script.

Note: Additional self-health information also appears in the Event Management Overview dashboard.
After the Event Management - self-health monitoring property is enabled, these jobs are automatically scheduled to run scripts that configure what must be monitored:
  • The Event Management - Insert Health Monitor scheduled job runs the scripts. Determine what must be monitored by adding or modifying the script in this job. This job runs once every hour.
  • The Event Management - Update Health Monitor scheduled job runs the update scripts. This job runs once every minute.

Use the following procedure to configure whether a configuration entry can run and set the frequency of the monitoring job. You can also specify the threshold values that, if exceeded, trigger an alert.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Settings > Self-Health configuration.
  2. To modify a configuration entry, select it and modify the required field.
    Field Description
    Active When selected, the configuration entry is active.
    Monitoring job frequency [seconds] Specify the frequency that the monitoring job is run.
    Critical Threshold Set a value that any point above it is considered to be of critical consequence.
    Major Threshold Set a value that any point above it, but below the value of the Critical Threshold, is considered to be of major consequence.
    Minor Threshold Set a value that is if exceeded, it is considered to be of minor consequence.
    Warning Threshold Set a value that, if it is exceeded, a warning is issued.
  3. Click Update.


Example 1: You can modify the number of seconds that pass before an alert is generated when the Critical Threshold idle state value of a connector is exceeded.

In this example, the Critical Threshold of the connector has been modified from 30 seconds to 35 seconds.

Critical threshold

Example 2: This example describes the configuration of the severity threshold when using the Connectors Status monitor. The Connector Status monitor has a true/false configuration for the severity threshold. For this monitor, where a threshold has the value 1, then that severity is displayed. Only one severity threshold can have the value1. This example assumes that the severity that is required to be displayed is Minor.

  1. Navigate to Event Management > Settings > Self-Health configuration.
  2. Select Connector Status.
  3. Specify the value 1 in the field of the required threshold severity.

    Threshold severity, specify 1 to select

  4. To stop the script from monitoring the status of connectors, clear the Active field.
  5. Click Update.

What to do next

You can create a customized monitor. A template is provided to assist you to provide custom script that can monitor the specified components. For more information, see Create monitor.

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