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Configure Event Management to add Datadog as a data source

Configure Event Management to add Datadog as a data source

Integrate Datadog with Event Management to collect event and incidents.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_integration

About this task

Configure the Event Management environment for the collection of events or incidents from Datadog by importing the required XML Update Set. Enable the Datadog functions to be installed and then selected from the ServiceNow Application Navigation pane:


  1. Navigate to System Update Sets > Retrieved Update Sets.
  2. Under Related Links, click Import Update Set from XML.
  3. In the Import XML form, choose the Datadog-Snow_Update_set_20170303.xml file and click Upload.
  4. In the Retrieved Update Sets form, click Datadog.
  5. Click Preview Update Set. Ensure that there are no errors, then click Commit Update Set.
  6. In the search field of the Application Navigation pane, enter datadog. The Datadog menu items appear.

What to do next

  • Configure the transform tables.
  • Perform the Datadog configuration tasks.